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Preparing for the arrival of Potato Psyllid in Australia

Client: Horticulture Australia Limited Project delivery period: 2012-2013 In 2012 IPM Technologies successfully completed a project to develop and demonstrate IPM compatible control measures for potato psyllid (also known as tomato potato psyllid or TPP) in New Zealand. This project in Australia followed on from the initial work in New Zealand, with the aim of communicating the […]

Control of Potato Psyllid within an IPM strategy

Clients: Horticulture Australia Limited and The New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research Project delivery period: 2009-2012 Control of potato psyllid (also called tomato potato psyllid or TPP) when it arrived in New Zealand was achieved by using an extremely heavy insecticide-based approach. If Australian growers were forced to adopt the same approach, then the IPM […]

Pesticide effects on beneficial insects and mites

Client: Horticulture Australia Limited Project delivery period: 2006-2009 IPM involves (in part) integrating biological control with chemical controls. To do this it is necessary to know what the effects of different pesticides are on the key species of beneficial insects and mites in different crops. This project was conducted for the Australian vegetable industry and tested […]

Demonstrating IPM in brassica crops

Client: Horticulture Australia Limited Project delivery period: 2005-2009 Horticultural brassica crops (mainly broccoli and cauliflowers, and also cabbage and wombok) are grown in many parts of Australia. In this project we delivered practical IPM extension in each of the major production regions across Australia, demonstrating to growers that an IPM approach is practical, achievable and effective. Increased […]

Integrated Pest Management for Crops and Pastures

A book by Paul Horne and Jessica Page, published in 2008 by Landlinks Press Integrated Pest Management for Crops and Pastures describes in straightforward language what is required for farmers to successfully implement Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in cropping and grazing operations. It explains the differences between conventional pesticide-based controls and IPM, and demonstrates the […]

Implementing IPM in arable crops in New Zealand

Client: The Foundation for Arable Research Project delivery period: 2003-2006 The Foundation for Arable Research based in Lincoln, New Zealand contacted IPM Technologies requesting we conduct a project to demonstrate and implement IPM in arable crops in New Zealand.  IPM in these crops was a new concept to most growers and advisors, and Paul Horne […]

IPM for glasshouse vegetables in Thailand

Client: Privately funded by the grower Project delivery period: 2002 IPM Technologies was asked to assist a producer of vegetables in a protected cropping system to implement an IPM strategy using mainly biological and cultural controls so that they could reduce chemical pesticide use and so have access to more export markets. The project involved working with […]

A Field Guide to Insects and Diseases of Australian Potato Crops

A book by Paul Horne, Rudolf De Boer and Denis Crawford, published in 1998 by Melbourne University Press Accurate identification of insects and diseases is essential for good management. It helps growers to avoid costly mistakes, and is especially valuable for growers using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to minimise their use of pesticides. This book […]