IPM in seed potatoes on Kangaroo Island

Seed potato growers on Kangaroo Island have been trialling an IPM approach developed with IPM Technologies at a workshop a year ago. They have successfully implemented IPM with the help of reseller agronomists Derrick Cameron and David Oddie from DJ’s Grower Services (who provided regular monitoring support and advice) and Paul Horne and Angelica Cameron from IPM Technologies (who provided backed-up expert advice as required).

In late January, Angelica and Paul visited the island again to hold a field day on the property of one of the potato growers who has been trialling IPM. The results have been excellent: good control of insect pests with minimal use of ‘soft’ selective insecticides and no use of broad-spectrum insecticides in the life of the growing crop. Angelica led the field day, describing the approach and demonstrating how naturally occurring beneficial species were present and were playing an extremely important role controlling the major pests (potato moth and aphids).

The field day was supported by DJ’s Growers, Bayer and Stoller and was attended by the majority of the island’s seed potato growers and other interested individuals.