National potato and onion IPM extension program

Client: Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited

Project delivery period: 2016-2021

Information concerning integrated pest management in potato crops is well developed and available but the details of how to use it are not widely known and IPM adoption rates vary considerably in different locations.  IPM techniques for onions have been developed by IPM Technologies over many years but until now have not been widely available to the onion industry.

This project is funded for 5 years (commencing at the end of 2016) by HIA and the potato and onion industries.  The aim of this project is to demonstrate to farmers and advisors in these industries across Australia just how IPM can be implemented.  It will involve establishing demonstration sites with participating growers and then supporting those farmers and their advisors to implement IPM through the life of their crops.  These crops will be used as sites for field days where other growers and advisors can see the results as well as the methods involved.

This project aims to show how using IPM is the best means of controlling a range of pests and diseases including insect-borne viruses and exotic pests such as tomato potato psyllid.

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