IPM program for the macadamia industry

Client: Hort Innovation

Project delivery period: 2016-2021

A suite of pests significantly impacts the productivity of the Australian Macadamia Industry and sustainable management of these pests is crucial for continuing market access, productivity, profitability and maintaining industry viability. No truly integrated strategy has been developed to date that has taken more than one or two of the key pests into account.

This project is part of a larger IPM program that aims to strengthen the viability of the Australian Macadamia Industry by developing, demonstrating and facilitating adoption of improved and truly integrated strategies to manage all arthropod pests. The larger IPM program brings together a team of highly experienced researchers with considerable experience, specifically in pest management in macadamias and in IPM strategy, extension and adoption.

IPM Technologies will contribute to the broader IPM Program by providing leadership and expert advice, in particular with the development and delivery of an IPM extension strategy to ensure optimal industry adoption of IPM. We will train the Program team in our participatory research/extension model and provide ongoing support to ensure its successful implementation. A major focus of this project will be engagement with local advisors and extension personnel to build their experience, confidence and skills in IPM techniques and IPM extension. Up-skilling local advisors and extension service providers will help to ensure the Program has a lasting legacy, making adoption, ongoing implementation and refinement of IPM practice a reality for the macadamia industry.

The video below introduces IPM Technologies and describes the role that the IPM Technologies team will play in the broader IPM Program.