IPM of phytophagous mites on turfgrass

Client: Hort Innovation

Project delivery period: 2018-2021

This project, led by Jessica Page,  aims to develop a sustainable control strategy for all pests in turf, including mites, by combining biological, cultural and chemical controls.

A series of workshops involving turfgrass producers, advisors and our project team have been run in Year 1 to identify potential causes and solutions to mite problems and to develop potential IPM strategies. Preliminary trials assessing commercially available biological control agents and IPM compatible miticides will also begin in year 1. Gaps in knowledge are being identified and necessary research to fill these gaps will be initiated. In years 2 and 3 trials of the draft strategies will be carried out in commercial crops as well as any necessary research. Monitoring of the progress of these trials will involve regular sampling of mites, including predatory species.