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Tomato Potato Psyllid pocket guide

IPM Technologies has produced a pocket guide to help growers and advisors recognise Tomato Potato Psyllid (TPP) in the field. The guide includes information about this serious pest including: the psyllid’s host range where to look and what to look for pictures of the psyllid in each of its life cycle stages (i.e. eggs nymphs and […]

IPM program for the macadamia industry

Client: Hort Innovation Project delivery period: 2016-2021 A suite of pests significantly impacts the productivity of the Australian Macadamia Industry and sustainable management of these pests is crucial for continuing market access, productivity, profitability and maintaining industry viability. No truly integrated strategy has been developed to date that has taken more than one or two of […]

Season wrap-up for vegetables in south-eastern Australia

Every season is different when it comes to pest and beneficial insects in vegetable crops. There are some pest species that are significant every year while others can go from almost insignificant to causing major problems from one season to the next. This year pressure from Heliothis (both Native Budworm, Helicoverpa punctigera, and Corn Earworm, […]

National potato and onion IPM extension program

Client: Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited Project delivery period: 2016-2021 Information concerning integrated pest management in potato crops is well developed and available but the details of how to use it are not widely known and IPM adoption rates vary considerably in different locations.  IPM techniques for onions have been developed by IPM Technologies over many years […]

Potato IPM case study 1: IPM boosts quality for Victorian potato grower

Cummaudo Farms in Mirboo North and Thorpdale, Victoria, are major suppliers of potatoes to Coles supermarkets and other fresh market outlets.  Each year they deliver over 8,000 tonnes of potatoes to consumers all around Australia. What has changed for them over the last few growing seasons is their approach to controlling pests. In Spring 2013, […]

Potato IPM case study 2: Kangaroo Island seed potato growers successfully adopt IPM

Kangaroo Island’s seed potato industry has adopted Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and the growers are reaping the benefits. This case study captures the story with insights from grower Peter Cooper and agronomist David Oddie. “Before using IPM we were heavily reliant on chemicals” explains Peter, “We sprayed every 10-14 days, using a mixture of soft […]

Invertebrates as indicators of soil health

Client: Glenelg-Hopkins Catchment Management Authority Project delivery period: 2015-2017 There is currently much interest by many groups and individuals in soil health.  In this project we are looking to see if we can find a correlation between soil invertebrates and other conventional measures of soil health.  The project involves sampling for insects and other invertebrates in different […]

A Needs Analysis for IPM RD&E in the Apple and Pear Industry

Client: Hort Innovation Delivery partner: RM Consulting Group Project delivery period: 2016 The purpose of this project was to provide a better understanding of the current use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) within the apple and pear industry and the efficacy of the current IPM manual in guiding practice. A key component of the review was […]